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Artist Statement

Tight imaging of organic specimens and the manipulation of their color and space transform minute matter into archival pigment prints.

My work explores a relationship between science and art.

When I observe objects in our world—sinuous scales of snakeskin, withered pods of plants, hairy articulations of arachnids—I notice a parallel between the structure of these specimens and the elements and principles of art and design.

Using microscopes, I enlarge intricate specimens. By digitally enhancing the subject’s space with expressionistic hues, a world of fascinating form is revealed. My work merges actuality and abstraction, allowing unique anatomical attributes to surface. Scale and color are no longer the intrinsic property of the natural world but a reflection of artistic subjectivity.

By blending science and art, I wish to share alluring structures of natural form.

My work expresses a mutualism between science and art and displays the inherent beauty of nature in a new way.


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