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Original, signed, 14"x 14" archival pigment print by Langley Anderson.

(Other sizes are also available. Please email me if you are interested in different dimensions).


This is a collaged image of a pincushion flower (Scabiosa sp.) enlarged with a scanning electron microscope and then digitally painted.

All of my photographs are printed in a professional lab. Photographs are printed on archival paper with an archival value of 100 years when displayed in the home/office or 200 years when in storage. 


FREE SHIPPING within the United States. International Shipping available for extra charge.


My MUTUALISM series blends science with art. With the aid of microscopes, 
I tightly image organic specimens and digitally manipulate color and space to merge actuality and abstraction into archival pigment prints. 
Scale and color are no longer the intrinsic property of the natural world but a reflection of artistic subjectivity.


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